New archived articles by Valentin Lobyshev, Svetlana Kutuzova

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Two YPT-themed articles are scanned were collected and scanned by Alexei Krotov for the IYPT Archive.

[+] S. N. Kutuzova. Issledovatelskaja rabota pri podgotovke k “Turniru junyh fizikov” // Fizika v shkole, no. 1, 2006, str. 37-42 ISSN 0130-5522 [pdf]

[+] V. I. Lobyshev. TUF-96: zadachi rossijskogo i mezhdunarodnogo TUFov-96 // FPS, no. 5, 1996, str. 3 ISSN 2077-6578 [jpg]

Brazilian team shares solution for the 24th IYPT (2011)

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A collection of IYPT projects is being shared by the Brazilian team members in 2011. The complete collection of slides and videos is indexed to be included into the IYPT Archive.

Indexed solutions

1. Adhesive tape (Barbara Cruvinel Santiago, Brazil, IYPT slides, 2011) [pdf]

5. Car (Barbara Cruvinel Santiago, Brazil, IYPT slides, 2011) [pdf] [wmv]

14. Moving cylinder (Barbara Cruvinel Santiago, Brazil, IYPT slides, 2011) [pdf] [wmv 1] [wmv 2] [wmv 3]

IYPT Archive announced

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The IYPT Archive is a comprehensive collection of digitized sources unveiling the factual details and highlights in the history of International Young Physicists’ Tournaments and the Soviet-based YPTs.

The project is aimed at providing a coherent record of problems, results, and regulations for the early years of the competition. The digital repository will make the original accounts, in over ten languages, catalogued and readily available for future use.

Starting from an early personal collection, the Archive continued to grow through systematic research in 2007–2010. Preliminarily reported in a newsletter in March 2010, and accredited by the IYPT’s Executive Committee in November 2010, it is now being reviewed and completed up to a beta version.

The information site for the IYPT Archive will be up and running in 2011.

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