Reports on 4th IYPT in Bull. Union Phys. (1991)

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>Jeanne Stoliaroff brought the first French team to 4th IYPT in 1991 and published a detailed report in Bulletin de l’Union des Physiciens in November 1991 and problems in French translation in June 1991. The report contains many informative first-party accounts and detailed analysis of the event, and was re-printed as abstracts in Soviet Referativny Zhurnal in 1992. The French and Italian teams in 1991 acted as observers only.

Download: original report, in French (pdf.)

Download: commented problems for 4th IYPT, in French (pdf.)

Download: abstracts in Referativny Zhurnal, in Russian (pdf.)

Translated Referativny Zhurnal abstracts (Ref. Zhurnal, 8A, 10, 1992):

8 A88. Report on the International Young Physicists’ Tournament. Compte-rendu du tournoi international des jeunes physiciens à Moscou / Stoliaroff Jeanne // Bull. Union Phys. – 1991. – 85, No. 738. – P. 1493-1497. – Fr.

The Fourth International Young Physicists’ Tournament was held in Moscow on the base of Lomonosov Moscow State University on June 23-28, 1991. Secondary school students of 14 to 17 years were the participants. 7 teams were announced in total: England, Hungary, Holland, Poland, Czechoslovakia, USSR (two teams.) French and Italian teams participated as observers. The Hungarian team of young physicists ended up as the winner. A Russian-language report is published in the September issue of Kvant.

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