Belarusian team shares solutions for the IYPT 2007, national YPT

2007, Historical IYPT documents — ilyamartch @ 5:46 pm

Ivan Antsipau and Alexander Bondarenko share a collection of Belarusian IYPT projects from 2007. The winning team at the Belarusian Republican YPT 2007 did not compete at the 20th IYPT. The collection of slides and reports is indexed to be included into the IYPT Archive.

Indexed solutions

[+] 1. Filament (March 2007) [pdf] [ppt] [pdf] [doc]

[+] 4. Spring thread (May 2007) [pdf] [ppt] [pdf] [doc]

[+] 5. Razor blade (March 2007) [pdf] [ppt] [pdf] [doc]

[+] 9. Ink droplet (March 2007) [pdf] [ppt] [pdf] [doc]

[+] 12. Fluid Lens (March, May 2007) [pdf] [ppt] [pdf] [doc] [pdf] [ppt] [pdf] [doc] [wmv] [html]

[+] 15. Blowpipe (March 2007) [pdf] [ppt] [pdf] [doc]

[+] 17. Ice bulge (March 2007) [pdf] [ppt] [pdf] [doc]

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