Kirill Visnap shares photos, documents from the IYPT 1996 in an interview with Nikita Shanin

Kirill Visnap comments on the 9th IYPT (1996) and shares documents, in an interview with Nikita Shanin.

K. V. owns Novgorod-based company ARDIO.ru and supplies tools and equipment for car diagnosis and auto repair.

N. S.: You took part at the IYPT 1996. May I ask you a few questions about the event?

K. V.: Thank you for your interest. Yes, for sure. The IYPT 1996 was held in Georgia, Kutaisi, but our accommodation was in a resort facility called Tsqaltubo and located nearby Kutaisi. The setting during the tournament was excellent. Furthermore, it was the first my trip to a foreign country, so enjoyed it a lot.

N. S.: Georgia was a scene of military operations just two years ahead of the 9th IYPT. Did you feel any of consequences?

K. V.: Well, yes. Actually, we did not see any military hardware in the city (Kutaisi). But at the place of the accommodation (Tsqaltubo), the teams were protected by military personnel, Russian soldiers if I remember correctly. Besides that, each time we went somewhere (daily trips to Kutaisi one tour to the Black Sea), we saw military hardware. But we did not face any emergencies.

N. S.: A source told us that personnel with assault rifles accompanied the teams.

K. V.: No, this is not correct. There were guys with assault rifles only at the resort facility where lived. However this is true that they guarded 24 h. It was not recommended to go out the facility (though it was not forbidden.)

N. S.: What were your general impressions about the situation?

K. V.: We were met very warmly anywhere, despite quite troubled financial situation in Georgia. One consequence of this situation was that we could pay anywhere (at markets, in any shops) with any foreign currency: Georgian lari, Russian rubles, US dollars etc.

N. S.: By 1996, the working language of the tournament was midway from Russian to English. Were the language regulations strict? Was possible to choose the language for the report?

K. V.: Actually, we prepared our reports in both Russian and English. Some fights were in Russian, if the jurors were mostly Russian-speaking and consented to a Russian-language fight.

N. S.: Could you then choose the language for a presentation, or this was decided by the jury?

K. V.: Teams and jurors were trying to arrive to a coordinated decision just before a fight. As far as I remember, during some fights a report was made in English, but further discussion in Russian. Also, a few foreign teams were displeased to have a number of fights in Russian.

N. S.: According to your impressions, what was the ratio between Russian-speaking and English-speaking teams?

K. V.: It is hard to say. The Russian teams were clearly the most fluent in Russian, the Georgians ranked second, the Poles possibly ranked third in their fluency. Others did not understand much Russian.

N.S.: Thank you for your input into the 9th IYPT. Did you preserve any materials related to the tournament?

K. V.: Yes, I surely have some photos, the program of the tournament, the regulations, the problems, and the results.

N. S.: Do you have any contact details of other members of your team?

K. V.: Unfortunately, no. They were older than me and we have not been interacting since then.

N. S.: Thank you.

K. V.: Nice to hear that it could be useful to you. Thank you for your interest.

Kirill Visnap.

Team of Russia-Veliky Novgorod (Gymnasium Evrika.)

Team of Russia-Veliky Novgorod (Gymnasium Evrika.)

Team of Russia-Veliky Novgorod, team leaders.

Entrance to Tskhaltubo resort, the accommodation facility for the participants.

Report by Alexei Popov (Russia-Novgorod) and the opposition by the team of Poland.

Team of Poland (right) and an unidentified team (left.)

Team of Czech Republic (left) and Russia-Moscow (right.)

Jurors at a Physics Fight.

Schedule of the 9th International Young Physicists’ Tournament.

Problems as scanned sheets: *.pdf file, 2 pages.

Problems as individual pages: [1] [2]

Regulations as scanned sheets: *.pdf file, 8 pages.

Regulations as individual pages: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8].

Results of the Physics Fights (not sure whether final or intermediate.)

Individual ranking of participants.

The interview was taken on March 18, 2012. The archived documents and images were shared on March 27, 2012.

Sergei Denisov shares names, documents from IYPTs 1993-1997

Sergei Denisov comments on the IYPTs 1993, 1994, 1996 and 1997, and shares names, photographs and many authentic documents, including detailed results, regulations, diplomas, and manuscripts.

S. D. works at LESTER, an IT company based in Moscow.

Names. Here are the team members from SUNC MGU at a few IYPTs:

IYPT 1993, Protvino: Boris Rozentul (captain), Maxim Andreeev, Oleg Golubitsky, Sergei Denisov, Natalya Ratnikova, Sergei Varlamov (leader.)

IYPT 1994, Groningen: Sergei Denisov (captain), Maxim Andreeev, Oleg Golubitsky, Boris Rozentul, Alexey Tarasov, Sergei Varlamov (leader.)

IYPT 1996, Tskhaltubo: Maxim Sidorov (captain), Dmitry Levkov, Irina Rezvyakova, Olga Belovolova, Leonid Gusev, Sergei Denisov (leader), Maxim Andreeev (leader.)

IYPT 1997, Cheb: Anatoly Dymarsky (captain), Dmitry Melnikov, Semjon Kuzin, Petr Mikheev, Michail Zagoruyko, Sergei Denisov (leader), Maxim Andreeev (leader.)

Documents from the IYPT 1993.

Team diploma for SUNC MGU [pdf]

Documents from the IYPT 1994.

Regulations of the IYPT in Russian [txt]

Team diploma for SUNC MGU [pdf]

Personal diploma for Sergei Denisov [pdf]

Program [pdf]

Rules and Regulations [pdf]

Problems in Russian language, partially [pdf]

Probably an anthem (I am not familiar with the Dutch language) [pdf]

Team and individual ranking before the Semi-Finals [pdf]

Team and individual ranking after the Semi-Finals [pdf]

A photograph of the team in the Netherlands.

Documents from the IYPT 1996.

I have very little materials from this IYPT in Tskhaltubo, Georgia.

Regulations of the IYPT in English dated October 1994 [txt]

Team and individual ranking after the selective fights, i.e. before the Semi-Finals [pdf]

Individual ranking after the Finals [pdf]

Documents from the IYPT 1997.

Problems from the Russian YPT (that normally matched the respective IYPT problems [doc] [pdf]

Team and individual ranking before the Semi-Finals [pdf]

Team and individual ranking after the Semi-Finals [pdf]

Team and individual ranking after the Finals [pdf]

A photograph of the team on the way to Prague (in Warsaw, if I am not mistaken.)

Badge. And I just happened to find the following badge from an YPT.

The details and documents were shared between March 19 and April 24, 2012.

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