Documents on IYPT Brasil 2010, 2011 from Barbara Cruvinel Santiago

Historical IYPT documents — ilyamartch @ 10:49 am

Two detailed booklets with IYPT-related accounts and selected slides are shared by Barbara Cruvinel Santiago.

B. C. S. I was browsing the iypt archive site and wonder if I could help anyway, ’cause I’m fascinated about the IYPT and thought it was an amazing idea to collect everything in just one place.

I have participated last year in the regional phase of Brazil and will participate next week in this year’s one. Because of it, I have some pictures, reports in Portuguese, a certificate and a medal from the national competition. Even though it’s almost nothing comparing to what you have in that website (and it’s archive from recent competitions), I was thinking if the data I have would be useful for something…

I found the data [...]. I’m sending you some pictures and the booklet of the Brazilian phase of 2010, a digitized copy of a cetificate (I erased the name), 2 of our reports and a slide.

[+] IYPT Brasil 2010 (10-12 de Setembro 2010, Sao Paolo, Brasil) [booklet] [pdf]

[+] IYPT Brasil 2011 (13 a 15 de maio 2011, Sao Paolo, Brasil) [booklet] [pdf]

[+] 6. Ice (Gelo, IYPT Brasil, report, 2010) [pdf]

[+] 14. Magnetic spring (Mola Magnetica, IYPT Brasil, slides, report, 2010)

[+] Photos from IYPT Brasil 2010 [jpg 1] [jpg 2] [jpg 3]

[+] Diploma from IYPT Brasil 2010 [jpg]


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