Multimedia presentation on the 12th IYPT (1999)

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Multimedia presentation focusing on the 12th IYPT (1999) is now online.

Download: the presentation in the original PowerPoint format and in the converted pdf; also front cover and back cover of the CR-ROM.

The PowerPoint presentation, completed by a team of Austrian volunteers on April 19, 2000, was released on home-made CD-ROM disks and circulated within a narrow community.

The presentation included the results, ranking tables, original problems, the information on teams, a few photos, and welcome speeches by the guests of honor at the competition.

Solutions of the problems at the 12th IYPT constituted the major part of the presentation. These included the scanned pages prom the book 12th IYPT: Reports of Georgian Team (Tbilisi, 1999), and a number of slides and written reports shared by the teams of Austria I, Austria II, Belarus, Finland, Germany, and Uzbekistan.


  • Mag. Dr. Brigitte Pagana-Hammer
  • Cornelia Deiss
  • Christoph Eichhorn
  • Artur Golczewski
  • Birgit Schiller


  • Paul Pöltner
  • Martin Satzl
  • Simon Horvath (music)

Music by:

  • Dr. Gerhard Deiss


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