Interview with Yaroslav Chinskiy on 6th IYPT, 1993 YPT of CIS, Ukrainian YPT

Yaroslav Chinskiy, member of Odessa teams in 1993, clarifies organizational details of 6th IYPT and post-Soviet selective competitions.

Yaroslav Chinskiy got team silver (2nd place overall) at the 6th IYPT, team silver (3rd place overall) at the 1993 all-Ukrainian YPT, and participated at the post-Soviet CIS tournament in Fryazino in 1993, representing the Richelieu Lyceum, Odessa and Ukraine. He studied physics at Odessa National Ilya Mechnikov University and got a degree in electrical engineering from the Polytechnic Institute of New York University in 2000. Yaroslav is now credit derivatives team lead at the Electronic Broking division of ICAP North America Inc.

I. M. When did you first learn about the IYPT?

Ya. Ch. We knew about IYPT. Our school, the Richelieu Lyceum, was represented in earlier tournaments and we had a goal to reach IYPT level as well.

I. M. Who were members of your team at the IYPT?

Ya. Ch. It was a fascinating time! In 1993, our team consisted of:

  • Roman (Odessa School 117)
  • Alexander (Richelieu Lyceum)
  • Alex Nikitin (Odessa School 117)
  • Vadim Neselovskiy (Richelieu Lyceum), vadimneselovskyi.com
  • and me

Only Roman and Alexander continued further work in physics.

I. M. In what non-Ukrainian YPT-related events, besides the 6th IYPT, have you taken part?

Ya. Ch. I took part in the 6th IYPT in Protvino and in a Tournament held in Fryazino in 1993. I believe that our team leader Sergey Kolos took part in earlier tournaments.

I. M. What was the Tournament in Fryazino? A selective local Russian competition, or…?

Ya. Ch. That was the 1st post-USSR tournament that replaced All-Soviet YPT. I saw a few references to it here: school1.fryazino.net

I. M. Can you recall what were the results of your team at the YPT in Fryazino in 1993?

Ya. Ch. Unfortunately, I don’t remember.

I. M. Am I not mistaken that the YPT in Fryazino and the all-Ukrainian YPT in Odessa were separate events? Thus, you have taken part at All-Ukrainian YPT in Odessa in 1993, Fryazino YPT for post-Soviet teams in 1993, and 6th IYPT in Protvino in 1993?

Ya. Ch. You are correct.

I. M. How much time did your team have for preparation to 6th IYPT? Did you have any joint preparatory meetings between Richelieu Lyceum and School 117 in 1993?

Ya. Ch. The combined team emerged after the UYPT which happened in the spring of 1993. So we had a few months to prepare. I believe that before IYPT we played only one tournament as a team which was held in Fryazino.

I. M. Was there a selection for the Ukrainian national team?

Ya. Ch. The team was selected based on the results of the All-Ukrainian YPT. I believe that team from hs. 117 won and we (Richeleu Lyceum) took 3rd place.

I. M. Were there any other Ukrainian teams at the 6th IYPT? Alexander Morozov says no, but a Czech source mentions a team from Luhansk (somehow saying it was a Russian, not Ukrainian team.)

Ya. Ch. There was some controversy regarding Luhansk. I do not remember the details and can not confirm their presence on the 6th IYPT.

I. M. Am I right that the key organizer of Ukrainian local tournaments was Valery Koleboshin?

Ya. Ch. Yes. He was and remains one of the key figures in UYPT.

I. M. Can you identify what problems were discussed by Georgian and Hungarian teams in the Final Fight? Seemingly, it was “Dominoes” by Georgia, and “Gagarin’s record” by your team. Can you recall what Hungarians reported?

Ya. Ch. I recall that Georgian team presented “Dominoes” but I do not remember any other details about the Final.

I. M. Who was the Reporter, the Opponent and the Reviewer at the Final fight from the Ukrainian team?

Ya. Ch. I am not 100% sure. I assume that Roman was the reporter, Alexander was the opponent and Vadim was the reviewer. I think that Roman received a personal achievement award as well.

I. M. Can you recall the situations of teams speaking English, not Russian? Alexander recalls that once he personally interpreted for the Dutch team at a Physics Fight.

Ya. Ch. The language of the 6th IYPT was Russian. So the foreign teams had to rely on the interpreters. I recall that Alexander was interpreting for some of the teams. I am not sure if it was Dutch.

I. M. Is there a chance that diplomas, photos or any other documents may survived in your archives?

Ya. Ch. I should have the diploma. I will forward you a copy.

I. M. Can you reveal any details that might have appeared inaccurate in our discussion with Alexander?

Ya. Ch. There are few mistakes about the team. The team was comprised for 3 students from each school. Roman and Alex Nikitin were from 117 and were in the winning team. I do not recall the name of the 3rd person from School 117. The Lyceum was represented by Alexander, Vadim Neselovskiy and me. We were classmates and members of the same UYPT team.

I. M. Did Evgeny Yunosov personally host the Finals or make talks at the Opening or Closing ceremonies in 1993?

Ya. Ch. Evgeny Yunosov played the key role. I do not remember the details of the ceremonies, but he was there.

I. M. We still have troubles with the Russian version of the problems for 1993 (although several translations have been found.) Do you possibly have a copy, or can advise who might have preserved it?

Ya. Ch. I am sure there is a copy and all the stats available in the Richelieu Lyceum (www.rl.odessa.ua). You should contact Valery Yakovlevich Koleboshin.

I. M. Many thanks for your help.

The interview was primarily taken between August 27 and September 2, 2009, with minor updates and fact checking made on May 27, 2010.


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