New archived articles by Valentin Lobyshev, Svetlana Kutuzova

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Two YPT-themed articles are scanned were collected and scanned by Alexei Krotov for the IYPT Archive.

[+] S. N. Kutuzova. Issledovatelskaja rabota pri podgotovke k “Turniru junyh fizikov” // Fizika v shkole, no. 1, 2006, str. 37-42 ISSN 0130-5522 [pdf]

[+] V. I. Lobyshev. TUF-96: zadachi rossijskogo i mezhdunarodnogo TUFov-96 // FPS, no. 5, 1996, str. 3 ISSN 2077-6578 [jpg]


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