Belarusian solutions for the 15th IYPT (2002)

2002, Historical IYPT documents — ilyamartch @ 8:38 pm

The solutions, prepared by silver-winning Belarusian team for the IYPT 2002, were shared by team member Alexander Shugaev via Maxim Sheinin, collected, an indexed for permanent safekeeping in autumn 2002. They are now released online.

[+] 2. Spider’s web (Belarus, IYPT slides, 2002) [ppt] [pdf]

[+] 3. Flying colours (Dmitry Martynov, Belarus, IYPT slides, 2002) [ppt] [pdf] [avi 1] [avi 2] [avi 3] [avi 4] [avi 5]

[+] 7. Ohm’s law for a liquid (Belarus, IYPT slides, 2002) [ppt] [pdf]

[+] 14. Torn sail (Belarus, IYPT slides, 2002) [swf]

[+] 17. Bottle battle (Alexander Shugaev, Belarus, IYPT slides, 2002) [ppt] [ppt] [doc] [pdf] [doc] [pdf] [doc] [pdf]


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